Welcome to MeeGoMessenger!

MeeGoMessenger is a mobile Messenger for the MeeGo Linux operating system from Intel and Nokia. The Messenger works serverless and connects you to all your Friends you share your Certificate with. The Messenger allows to chat in groupchat (IRC like) style, to chat privately to individual friends and to share files with them.

The MeegoMessenger was founded in early 2010, soon after the big global players Intel and Nokia announced their merging of their mobile Linux operating systems Moblin and Maemo under the Name MeeGo.

Serverless Messaging is a new approach which allows to keep your data private. Using it on a mobile phone allows to share information and files with your friends and business partners securely.

Of course you can synchronise your mobile phone as well with your netbook/laptop or desktop PC. You can install the MeeGoMessenger Profil on these machines as well and/or install a new installation with a new Profile and Certificate. Just share and and sync the data between two devices.

Why using MeeGoMessenger

“MeeGoMessenger offers easy and serverless connection to all your friends. Swap your Messenger-Certificate with them and stay connected.”

Some Features of the MeeGoMessenger listed:

  1. MeeGoMessenger allows you to swap easily Certificates with your Friends.
  2. Once Connected, you can chat with your friends IRC-like in a Groupchat or ping each of your Friend individually in a private Chat.
  3. Share Files with your Friends and download new ones to your mobile device.

MeeGoMessenger is easy to use and keeps you connected.

  • RPM and DEB installer files for Linux.
  • Based on libretroshare you can create profiles on your mobile and as well with the same Certificate for the desktop.
  • As well a Windows version of the MeeGoMessenger is available.
  • All code is open source and released under GPL.



Messenger for Mobile Nokia N900

MeeGoMessenger works on many mobile phones: e.g. the Nokia N 900 and all other phones or devices using the MeeGo operating system.

The Nokia N900 is a mobile Internet device and smartphone, from Nokia based on the MeeGo platform. It is the first Nokia device based upon the TI OMAP3 microprocessor with the ARM Cortex-A8 core. The Nokia N900 is the first MeeGo device to include phone functionality (quad-band GSM and 3G UMTS). It functions as a 5 mega pixel camera, a portable media player, and a mobile Internet device with email and full web browsing …

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How to compile the MeeGoMessenger from Source

Posted by MGM-Team on Mai 1, 2010

MeeGoMessenger compiles easily on linux. Checkout he GIT-Sources found at www.assembla.com to compile a rpm-installer for your MeeGo Device or just download the rpm-binary-packages.

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